I'm here to help you inspire others

As a Confidence Coach I am often faced with the question: “How can confidence help me?". On the surface, the concept of “confidence” helping with business seems a bit wooly, I know that. But the truth is that confidence is the unsung hero of success. It’s the foundation on which many of the traits and abilities we use to succeed in our personal and professional lives are built. Communication, decision-making, leadership, body language etc etc.

We can all make decisions, we can all communicate but doing so with confidence is where things start to become interesting. If we make a decision with confidence, if we communicate

that decision with confidence, we inspire. Our confidence draws others into us, makes them trust, makes them want to follow. Confidence is the difference between a bad leader and a great one.

I’m here to teach you to be confident, and help you inspire others. The first thing I teach is that confidence is all about your state of mind. It takes work. For some people this comes easy and for others takes some time, but we can all get there.

First, you must learn to visualise yourself as you want to be.

Affirm this to yourself daily. Reinforce it with positive vibes.

Next, you must challenge yourself. Push yourself to do the things that scare you, expand your comfort-zone.

Learn to question your inner-critic. We are always our own toughest critics. Second guessing ourselves, talking ourselves out of doing things - we must learn to question these thoughts and overcome them.

Finally, start sharing your story. There are few things more powerful and inspiring than story-telling. Whether it’s through blogs on-line, posting on LinkedIn, or photos on Instagram etc.

These basic techniques are the beginnings of confidence. They allow us to take the steps into living confidently and inspiring those around us.

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