Don't try to blend in. Aim to stand out!

Picture some of the most confident people you can. Celebrities, athletes, public-speakers etc. These people are not known for “blending in” - they aren’t trying to be like everyone else. They go their own way, they break the rules, they stand out.

And this is something I encourage everyone I work with to do.

Do the things that make you happy. Live the way you want to live. Make your own rules.

We can spend so much time and energy trying to be like everyone else. We don’t do the things we love because we fear how other people might react, the things they might say or what they’ll think of us.

In the past I was always sometimes I tried to fit it. Copying others in the hope

I could emulate their jobs or success or whatever it was I wanted that they already had.

Now, I have the confidence to stand out. I embrace my uniqueness. I dance like no one’s watching, I sing the songs I want to sing, I follow my curiosity, I talk to people.

Doing all of these things builds my confidence everyday. And it can do the same for you.

Standing out means people take notice, it keeps me open to opportunity and change and growth and most importantly - it makes me happy.

I challenge all of you out there, to stand-out. To do the things that make you happy but you’ve been too scared to do and see how good it feels.

Don’t try to blend in. Aim to stand out!

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