Being a leader means leaving your comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone. And because they’re comfortable, we don’t like leaving them. We learn to lead from inside them. We make comfortable decisions, have comfortable conversations and encourage comfortable behaviours.

Unfortunately, real change so rarely happens inside our comfort zones. It takes place outside in the real world. It means making difficult decisions, having open and honest conversations, challenging behaviours.

As leaders we must always be prepared to leave our comfort zones. Authentic leadership is not comfortable. It means being vulnerable, being willing to make mistakes and being ready to challenge.

Challenge behaviours.

Are people behaving in the best way? Does the business culture suit everyone because if the answer is ‘no’ - it needs to change.

Challenge the methodology.

The work is getting done, but can it be done better? Can it be improved?

Challenge stakeholders.

Are your stakeholders holding things back? Can your relationships be better?

Challenge your people.

Are you getting the best from your people? Are they happy? Are they growing?

Challenge yourself.

Are you giving the best version of yourself? Can you do more? Can you be more?

Real, authentic leaders know that leading from their comfort zone means they’re not learning, growing, developing, or getting results. As leaders we have to leave our comfort zones and lead change through challenge.

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