Are leaders born or made?

Someone once tried to tell me that leaders aren’t made, they’re born. We can all be leaders, it’s not some kind of halo that’s bestowed upon us from birth. It’s something that’s learned, something that can be worked for and earned. It doesn’t matter where you started in life, it’s all about where you want to see yourself end up.

I didn’t start off life as a leader. When I was 10 years old, I tried out for the play ‘The Pied Piper of Hamlet’. I didn’t get the lead role. I was cast as the rat. Wearing a black leotard I had to run on and off stage throughout the entire play.

Did I give up because I didn’t get the role I wanted? No. I played the best rat that audience had ever seen. I moved on and kept trying, kept working hard for the things I wanted even when I failed.

Self belief. Determination and not being afraid to fail. These are the qualities that make a leader. And they can be taught! They’re all about confidence. These are the qualities I help to instil into all of my clients, so they can go on to be great leaders.

Confidence coaching is the key to leadership. Leadership is about believing in yourself and others and taking the initiative. It’s about determination, stepping up when things get hard. It’s about facing things head on and not fearing failure. All of these qualities are intrinsically linked to your confidence.

When you’re feeling confident, leadership comes naturally. When you're confident you turn your thoughts into ideas about what you're capable of and then you put those ideas into action. This is what leaders do. This is what makes others take notice and follow your lead.

No one is born a leader. They become leaders through determination, self belief and confidence.

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