This is how all inspirational leaders communicate

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Captivating speakers, talented presenters, inspiring writers - they all make great leaders and they all have these things in common.

Take a scientific approach

At some point in every child’s development they learn how to separate their consciousness from their own perspectives and immerse it into the consciousness of others… In Layman's Terms, they learn empathy. Empathy, as it turns out, is crucial in being able to inspire others when communicating. Scientist’s say that pretty much all of us are capable of empathy but that not all of us actually use it, and that’s what makes an inspiring communicator. Being able to put yourself into the shoes of the people you are communicating with.

Why, what, how, what else

Something that all of the best communicators understand is that not everyone learns in the same way. Different people like to learn differently. This is where the 4mat communication model comes in:

Why? Imaginative learners need to connect what they’re hearing with a prior knowledge and experience. Connect what you’re communicating with their personal meaning system.

What? Analytic learners want to know the underlying theory and the authorities behind it. Give them information about the facts as experts see them.

How? Pragmatic learners want to jump in – to get hands on and learn in the doing. Answer the question “How does this work (specifically)?”

What Else? Dynamic learners learn by doing, and then explore what else they can do with what they’ve learned. Answer the question “What can this become?”

A good communicator understands that if they are going to inspire everyone they must incorporate this model into their communication. If they only focus on the ‘why’s’ then they risk losing the ‘what’s’, ‘how’s’ and the ‘what else’s’.

Speak from the heart

If you listen to any inspirational communicator you’ll see quite quickly how they make use of their emotions. They channel them into their communications and do their best to make you, the audience feel whatever it is they’re feeling. Sadness, joy, anger, hope the emotions they make you feel trigger a response and take you on a journey.

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